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'Restore Direction, Purpose and Harmony in your LIFE. 


Supportive,comforting and professional advice given with a spiritual understanding.

Giving you the tools to become who you truly are! Physically, emotionally and mentally!



Healing Therapies

I look forward to helping you work towards optimal health and well-being.

I am confident with my many years of experience as a Naturopath and healer, I can help you achieve your very best results.

Naturopathic Consultation
30 - 90 mins
$60 - $120 
Naturopathic philosophy seeks to find the underlying course of disease and is used as a preventative medicine were weakness is found.
By supporting and strengthening the body this increases vitality and restores and maintains general health and wellbeing. Iridology is used as a method to check body function the strengths and weakness's within the body system. Enhancing assimilation and elimination are area's that are of utmost importance for a healthy system. Detoxification processes are used with supportive nutrition. Naturopathy supports the whole-being physically, emotionally and mentally. 
Naturopathic Consultation
30 - 75 mins
$60 - $130
Reflexology + Sound Bath
1 hr
The foot has over 7,000 nerve endings making the foot most responsive. Your entire body is reflected in the feet, organs can be stimulated: nervous system calmed, immune ...
Reflexology + Sound Bath
1 hr
Reiki Healing + Sound Bath
1 hr 30 mins
A Spiritual/Reiki healing involves the practitioner transferring universal energy like a conduit through there body to yours with guidance from the spiritual world. Wha...
Reiki Healing + Sound Bath
1 hr 15 min
Ear Candling
40 mins
The ear candle is made of cloth and wax. The hollow tube when lit softens the wax in the ear and the flame causes a gentle suction drawing out the wax. The treatment is ...
Ear Candling
40 min

Treatments explained

Whats is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic philosophy seeks to find the underling course of a disease and is used as a preventative medicine were weakness is found.

By supporting and strengthening the body this increases vitality and restores and maintains general health and wellbeing.

Iridology is used as a method to check body function, the strengths and weakness within the body system.

Enhancing assimilation and elimination are areas that are of upmost importance for a healthy system. Detoxification processes are used with supportive nutrition. Naturopathy supports the whole-being physically, emotionally and mentally.

What can it do for you?

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Balance your hormones

  • Increase your libido 

  • Effective weight loss program

  • Improve your digestion and elimination

  • Effective support for anxiety and depression

  • Support for the nervous system.

  • Improve your enjoyment of life.

My practice is situated 5 minutes from Leichhardt off Parramatta rd, in a newly renovated building opposite Petersham T.A.F.E. Perfect for a Naturopathic consultation, Iridology assessment, Reflexology  and Massage treatment, Reiki/Spiritual/Spirit Release Healing and Crystal Bowl chakra balancing.

I have a full herbal dispensary,Homeopathic complexes, Australian Bush Flower Essences & practitioner products

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the Iris, your eyes are unique to you.

Your right Iris shows what you have genetically inherited i.e. strengths and weakness within tissue, organs and body chemistry.

Your left Iris shows how you have looked after yourself i.e. poor diet, drug and alcohol abuse.


What can it do for you?

Within the Iris a skilled Iridologist can not only see physical indications, but also the emotional components to the body's disharmony. The purpose of Iridology is to evaluate the above information so a health program can be established to support the body were there are weakness, congestion and disharmony. Thus helping prevent potential ailments to occur.

Your first Naturopathic consult will include taking a photograph of your Iris. I will later complete an overall assessment of your health and wellbeing which will be discussed on your return visit.

From the information gained I am able to work out a program for your improved health.

Subsequent photo may be taking once the program has been in place for at least 3-6 months.


The camera resolution is much stronger than the hand held Iriscope that is 

used in the initial consult. Although enough information can be seen to 

formulate a health program.

The beauty of the photo is that I am able to bring it up on the computer and 

show and discuss clearly what is there. With this complete picture I can make a 

long term assessment of your body systems health. Which in turn I am then 

able to give you the tools to keep in health.

What is Chakra crystal bowl sound bath?

The crystal bowls are made from quartz crystal, each bowl is tuned to a particular chakra.The tone of the crystal bowl produce a vibrational sound field which resonates the light body chakra and corresponding physical area.

What can it do for you?

The purity of the crystal sound acts as an oscillator, magnifying and transmitting pure tone, thus rebalancing the whole body system every organ, cell, tissue, chakra and aura.

The sound vibration also assists releasing negative spirit attachments.

The bowls are used at the end of a Reiki healing, Intuitive massage and Reflexology. 

What to expect in a Relexology treatment.

A typical treatment will last for 1hr. Your initial appointment begins with you filling out

a health history consultation form. Once completed further information about your health and life 

style is discussed. Also if you physically have any sensitivities swelling or bruising on your feet.

Once this is completed, I then give your feet a foot bath with warm water and essential oils, this is 

done whilst seated. I then use SKINCARE organic foot pumice to exfoliate your feet. It is a 

refreshing aromatic foot scrub designed to refine rough calloused skin while providing relief for tired feet.

 Wild thyme is blended with cooling essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus to increase 

circulation and provide anti-bacterial and antifungal benefits. Fine ground pumice infused with 

nourishing aloe vera softens and aids in healing and hydration to reveal smooth skin. The feet are 

dried and you are then asked to lay down on the massage table.

At this stage I will make further notes of any markings swellings or discolouration on your feet. I 

make my own reflexology creams using essential oils, herb oils, flower essences and aura soma 

products aqueous cream and aloe vera. 

There will be gentle non- intrusive music playing in the background to aid in your relaxation and 

enjoyment. The session is most relaxing I start with your right foot and work through all the 

reflexology points on your foot, then work on your left in the same manner. The pressure is firm so 

do not be concerned if you are ticklish. The pressure used for the feet is enough to allow stimulation 

to occur at the reflexology point, but not strong enough to cause discomfort.

I finish the session with a “Brazilian toe massage” this enhances and balances the meridians 

throughout your body. The Final part of the session comes when I play the “Sound Crystal Healing 

Bowls”. The bowls balance the chakra’s and help seal the auric field. Once this sequence of bowls is 

completed, I then use an f sharp heart bowl to finalise and enhance your treatment.

The reflexology session helps with deep relaxation and healing, after the treatment I discuss what 

has presented in your feet. I may advice you to take some-thing nutritionally, or make a herbal tonic, 

homeopathic remedy or flower essence if I think you would benefit from this. 

At the end of the session you should be feeling refreshed invigorated and nurtured and your feet 

feeling delightfully cared for.

It is recommended that you keep well hydrated after the session as working deeply can occasionally 

cause toxins to flood the system, hydration usually helps with this. I also recommend that you have 

an Epsom salt bath if possible 200grms (about 2 handfuls) soaking for 20 minutes. If you are 

reasonably healthy eat well, exercise and are not doing anything destructive with your body this 

should not be a problem. 

Occasionally, with the first treatment some people can feel nausea, extreme tiredness or have 

headaches. However, this is very rare.

How often can i have Reflexology? 

Depending on your work if you are in a stressful job or on your feet all the time like within the 

hospitality industry or hospital system as in nursing, then I would recommend once a fortnight or 

once a month. In some health conditions once a week can enhance recovery.

What is Spiritual / Reiki Healing?

A spiritual / Reiki healing involves the practitioner transferring universal energy like a conduit through there body to yours with guidance from the divine spiritual world. A sequence of laying of hands allows the energy to be transferred.

This helps to balance the chakras improving and enhancing body function. Allowing you to have clarity into your life condition, releasing emotional blocks creating inner calmness and allowing healing to occur on a subconscious level.

What can it do for you?
Reduce exam stress, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional states, Chronic pain & illness,. Help with Trauma, Indecision, Pregnancy stress, Tiredness and Exhaustion and much more.

What is Spirit Release Therapy?

This is the 'rescue' of earthbound spirits that are confused or refuse to move to the next level of their spiritual growth. They are often lost souls that are unaware that they have died.

The lost souls can become attracted to you if you have similar thoughts,or destructive behaviour. 

Earth bound spirits can also be relatives or friends who want to stay close to you, often they can be quite earthed not realising that there is another life to continue on another dimension. They just need some angelic guidance to move on.

Our body is surrounded by a multi layered aura which you could liken to coloured transparent tissue paper. It extends and contracts according to our emotional, physical and mental states.

We also have 7 main chakras which occilate back and forth, front and back, starting from the crown of the head to the base of the spine.

When we are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally in good health our aura is a sealed vessel, and our chakras will be functioning fully.

Many things can affect the aura. Life experiences, excess stress, some form off loss or trauma, constant negative thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse. They can cause our aura to have breaks or rips and the chakras can be out of balance. These conditions will allow earth bound spirits, thought forms or energies to penetrate your aura.

You can start to feel very tired confused or not yourself, often having unusual negative thoughts.

The energies affect our lives, interfere with our thoughts and reactions. From a spiritual perspective and law they are not allowed to do this, often they are not aware of this fact.When told they release with no resistance, however some energies are fully aware and are reluctant to release.Clearing these energies allows you to connect to your true essence and advance towards your highest potential.

To find out more about Spirit Release Therapy, here is a great site:

What is Ear Candling?


The history of ear candling has been around for hundreds of years. Egyptians, Indians (in Ayurveda medicine) Aztecs and Mayan cultures all have evidence of its use. It is a safe process of aiding clearance of excessive wax build up and helps reduce pressure in sinus congestion.The ear candle is made of cloth and wax. The hollow tube when lit softens the wax in the ear and the flame causes a gentle suction drawing out the wax. The treatment is very relaxing, is not painful in any way.


What can it do for you?


Improves glue ear, helps hearing problems due to wax build up. Reduces pressure & pain in sinuses,  and more.

What is Australian Bush Flower Essences Consultantion?

The Australian bush flower essences are magnificent in there simplicity they are safe to take with all medications and all medical conditions. As they are a vibrational medicine they work profoundly on our emotional body and often in many physical condition as well.

Each flower has particular characteristics which addresses problems within the individual. Often there will be a blend of certain flowers for the presenting problem. Generally one would take the flower essence drops for a period of two weeks. In some conditions it may be taken for longer. They are gentle in action and aid in insight and resolution of an emotional issue.

When do I use them?

In all of my modalities I may consider using flower essences if I think you may benefit from them. 

There are times when I will request that you choose the flower essences and if this is the case then I use the flower essence cards that allows you to choose. 

You are asked to think of the situation that is troubling you and through a process of elimination the needed flower essences are procured.

What can it do for you?

Reduce anxiety, depression, stress. Help with changes in life, pregnancy, 

marriage, divorce, grief, death, blocks in creativity & life in general.

My Herbal Dispensary

Herbal tonics can be used in most situation of ill health with profound affect. I 

make the herbal tonic specifically for your needs. Herbal medicine is most 

supportive for your major organs, nervous system immune system and your 

emotional well-being.

 With all medicines whether they are complementary or orthodox medications, 

one must always inform the practitioner or doctor as to what you are currently 

taking. This includes purchases you have made from health shop of 

supplements and herbal medicines.

In some instances if you are on complex medications I will advise you to take 

homeopathic medicine. As these are safe to take, some herbs can have similar 

actions to the medications you are currently on. There are some herbs that are 

contraindicated with some conditions and medications. I prefer to be cautious 

in the interest of your health and well-being.

For a more in depth understanding of herbal medicine go to:

The use of herbal medicine within my practice is something I embrace fully. I 

have a complete herbal dispensary. The herbs I use are manufactured by The 

Herbal Extract Company. The company has a history from the late 1800 of 

manufacturing quality herbal medicine. Most of the herbal medicines are 1.1, 

meaning the extractions are one part by one part. This extraction process gives 

a more concentrated and affective herbal medicine.

Distant Healing

I am often asked to explain how distant healing works as many people find the concept difficult to understand. We are vibrational beings, although physically dense we are connected spiritually and emotionally by our thoughts.


We have an auric field surrounding our physical body and 7 main chakras that reside along our spine, these energy centres are affected directly by the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and by our five senses.


We all can relate to times we feel love and affection for a family member or friend only to have them ring and say I was just thinking of you, the same moment you were. Thoughts are energy! It has the power to affect us in a positive way as well as negatively. 


A distant healing uses positive thoughts and divine request to tune into your vibrational state. The spiritual world knows us all and recognises the divine soul we are.  The healer request permission from the higher self of the person to proceed in the healing and clearing of energies.


What you need to do, I will need your full name (birth name) Date of birth and your full address, where you will be at the time of healing. Ideally one should be horizontal either on a bed or sofa. All interruptions blocked ie: mobile, telephone. Preferably a quiet space where your family can not interrupt you. Usually allocate 1hr to 1.1/2hr for discussion and healing. 


In cases were distant healing is needed without the person's request, such as people in hospital or in a situation that they are not able to voice this need the process is the same.

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