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About Elizabeth

My Biography

I have always loved connecting with people. My first profession was as a qualified hairdresser. I started traveling around the world and I eventually gave up hairdressing, and moved into hospitality. For several years I was a special diet’s cook within a hospital. I looked after the diets of diabetic’s, celiac and allergy patient’s, also patients that needed nutritious blended meals. My interest in health and healing started here, also through my traveling experiences within India and Asia. The traveling exposing me to different foods, medicines and religions.


I became a vegetarian for some years, and managed a large vegetarian restaurant in Perth Western Australia for 6 years. I cooked and created all the healthy nutritious dishes and it became quite an establishment. I then decided to go back to college to gain a Catering & Hotel management Certificate. I studied full time for 2 years.


I then spent quite a few years in the industry. This gave me great insight into the diet and life style of people. Which created a desire to learn more about nutrition and health. 


I have always had an interest in reflexology, massage, reiki, yoga and meditation, which I had become involved in whilst working in the vegetarian restaurant. I had a great desire to help people and decided to start a new journey, and study Naturopathy. Which I did at Perth Academy of Natural Therapies W.A.


Since qualifying in 2000 I feel that I have come to a perfect place in my life. I absolutely love my work. I feel truly privileged to be helping others, I am constantly humbled by another’s pure strength of character. lt gives me a great deal of pleasure helping and guiding you, and seeing you achieve your desires in life.

My Philosophy

In my experience when you are unwell you often need to look at the emotional connection in order to get a complete resolve for the condition However in some cases it really is, just the medical condition that is present. that needs support. My skills as a Naturopath, Herbalist,and Energy Healer allows me to make an assessment for the best result for your recovery.As well as support your body' nutritionally with herbal tonics nutrients and gentle exercise. You should treat your body like a temple and with the same sacred regard.

Within our body"s cells we store the memory's of our experience's in life some minor, some major occasionally traumatic, You need to transform these memory's so you are able to move forward in life to achieve your full potential.There are many ways to help with this transformation, spiritual healing / reiki can facilitate a connection to your subcontious mind to aid understanding and resolve around the issue which troubles you.

As you release old trauma's different organs in our body which relate to the emotional component often need nutritional and herbal support. Also at this time a nurturing touch such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy /Intuitive massage can be very affective for supporting the whole body system.

Flower essences can be used throughout the process to help move through the difficulties and eventual release of the memory to the point of no reaction. Thus allowing you to move forward in life and fulfill your potential.


Diploma of natural health science. (Naturopathy)
Certificate in Swedish massage.
Certificate in reflexology.
Certificate in W.A .flower essences.
Reiki 1, Reiki 11.
Spiritual healing 1& 2 (practicing spiritual healer)
Spirit release Therapy : trained with Pat & Betty Yates of "WHITEHAVEN" a Centre for: Soul Healing Therapy Awareness and Enlightenment Teaching 
Certificate of Crystal healing: trained with Jannine Flynn: Naturopath/ Crystal & Spiritual Healer of Sydney.
Member of A.N.T.A. 
Health care provider.

Customer Testimonial

Anna Massara

I have known Elizabeth Backler since 2003 when I went to see her about some health issues.

I found her to be warm, friendly and open. We discussed a holistic approach to a more balanced lifestyle and treatment program using natural products. I still follow this program today.

When my menopause started I was experiencing body aches and pains. Elizabeth suggested I try a remedial massage. 

I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt. She really is quite intuitive as to where the pain is even if I don’t tell her. And I didn’t feel like I had been bruised and battered after, just relaxed and a feeling of well-being.

I see Elizabeth regularly for remedial massages and it has greatly improved my flexibility and how I feel about myself.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

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